Location sharing made simple.

Share location

Stop calling and texting people and trying to figure out where they are.

Bemo lets you request to share locations with a friend. Send them a Bemo request, and you can follow each others' locations in realtime.

Unlike many other apps, Bemo respects your privacy by only sharing your location with the people you explicitly allow. Think phone calls, but for location.

Easy registration

Log in with Facebook and call any of your friends who use Bemo. There's no need to memorize yet another username and password.

Find friends

Don't waste your time texting or calling your friends for their whereabouts ever again. Find them with a single tap.

Maintain privacy

Bemo always asks before sharing your location. We keep your GPS off until it's absolutely necessary.

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Reach us by email at team@bemoapp.com
or on Twitter @BemoApp